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Teeth whitening as a cosmetic procedure, is part of modern aesthetic dentistry. Manipulation, become more popular and more desirable, because white teeth are considered aesthetically better than others. White teeth are a sign of good health and high social status. 

Modern tooth whitening systems are basically two types: for use in dental surgery (office whitening) and for home use (home whitening). They contain the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide , which breaks down into radicals. Then the process of oxidation and bleaching starts. 
Depending on the wishes of the patient , the intensity of staining of the teeth, their sensitivity , prefer one or the other method of bleaching. 
For better results,if there is any contraindications or restrictions, the combination of the two methods (office and home whitening ) is preferable. 
The patient should make professionally cleaning of the teeth with ultrasound and polishing Airflow before the bleaching starts .It is necessary because whitening gel works only on clean tooth surfaces. If the patient do not make the professional cleaning , bleaching agents could not penetrate the teeth,whitening would not lead to the desired result. After cleaning, tooth surfaces should be polished and only then the bleaching can starts . It is recommended to make this two procedures in two different visits. After cleaning the crown from the calculus,your gum can bleed. For that reason the adhesion between the gingivoprotector and the gum will be weak and there will be a risk of damaging it from the hydrogen peroxide.

The o ffice whitening is the fastest way for bleach your teeth and ensure the best results for one hour. The procedure involves placing a gingival barrier and the whitening gel on your teeth. 
For acceleration of the process 
we can use a special light-Beyond Polus, which has three programs bleaching:

  • standard

  • gentle ( for people with sensitive teeth )

  • program for single teeth whitening

Beyond Polus system is safer than other whitening procedures because it uses blue light with high intensity. Any harmful ultraviolet rays are filtered.The result of the filtration is Cold white,which bleach your teeth. Cold light penetrates deep into the structure of your teeth , causing oxidation ( removes the surface layer of spots ) without any side effects.

Bleaching of teeth can be carried out without the LED- lamp. In our clinic we use professional whitening bleaching system of the Swiss AXIS – PURE.The product has certificates ISO, CE Certificate of the global medical community . PURE is a non-invasive method and does not hide any risk. At the end of the procedure on the teeth we applicate remineralizing fluoride foam which stabiliz the color and reduce hypersensitivity reactions during bleaching .

The durability of the effect depends on your oral hygiene and dietary habits . Repeat the procedure every two year to maintain the achieved result .

Home whitening systems are applied in specially made plastic brace, which the patients should wear at home during the day or night. The brace can be make when we get an impression of your teeth. You should wash your teeth with brush and toothpaste,clean with intradental sutures to remove the plaque and then you can starts your home whitening. The whitening gel is applied in a thin layer on the vestibular surface of the brace. In home bleaching we use a bleaching gel which active ingredient is in lower concentration.

The home whitening is  10-15 days. After the procedure  you can put in the braces the remineralization cream - eg . Tooth Mousse, containing CPP- ASR ( Casein Phosphopeptide - amorphous calcium phosphate) .

Bleaching of discolored single devitalized teeth : This type of whitening is made of treated teeth which are  filled with inappropriate pigmentating sealer . Over time they change their color to pink , purple, brown, gray and others.

First we have to remove the obturation,than removes part of the root filling .In the end we  deposite the whitening agent.We close  the tooth with a temporary seal for a week .This manipulation should be repeated 3 times. When the tooth become the same color like the others,we can put the permanent seal.

Useful to know: Most people want to have white and beautiful teeth. Before the bleaching,we have to know the reason of changing the color. Coloring of the dental crowns can be caused by various factors - external, internal, or a combination of them.
External discoloration can be caused by certain substances that damage the enamel surface of teeth . The reasons can be poor oral hygiene, smoking, drinking coffee , tea, and other staining foods and drinks , old fillings , bleeding gums .

In the interior coloring dental tissues were stained deeper.

- Tetracycline staining
Teeth are sensitive to such coloring during their development of the second trimester of pregnancy to 8 years old. Staining can be stronger or weaker.It depends on the dose of the tetracycline,type antibiotic , the duration of treatment , and the age . Sometimes the discoloration  is so strong that there is any possibility for the teeth to be bleached .

- Fluorosis : observed in children who received F in higher concentrations .
Staining after  trauma in which can be ruptured blood vessels in the pulp.

- Staining , which is obtained of devitalization.
Staining caused by corrosion of metal fillings and metal pins ,for example amalgam tooth colored in gray - black.

- Stained hereditary disease
Physiological age-related changes : The teeth become yellow due to the thinning of the enamel.
Teeth whitening is a method , which achieved excellent results and there is any damages of the enamel.