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Improperly aligned teeth are a problem. We can help you back your self-confidence, a sense of comfort in the mouth and the desire to smile more. All this is possible thanks to orthodontics . Orthodontics is defined as the branch of science and art of dentistry that deals with the development and positioning of the jaws and teeth by affecting oral health and aesthetic and psychological state of the patient. The arrangement of the teeth is accomplished by means of bracеs , appliances and other systems. Orthodontic structures are two types: 

1.Non-removable               2.Removable

-а/ metal bracеs                      -а/ Clear Aligner

-b/ aesthetic bracеs                 -b/ lingual plates

- Ceramic braces                    -c/ Ortho – Т   

- Sapphire braces

-c/ “Orapix” system     

Braces are small plates ( of different material ) which is attached to the teeth by means of a dedicated photopolymer . Once the bracеs are placed to have the result should be added an arch. The function of the arc is to change the position of the teeth, because it is set to a particular force with which it moves teeth into their proper position. Arcs change the location of each tooth in its three levels, and their strength depends on the shape (round, rectangular and square). Arcs are attached to brackets through ligature. The ligature is a small silicone ring that hold the arch in place in the slot of the bracket .

A / Metal braces are the most prevalent. 

B / Aesthetic breketi.Te are unobtrusive and not stained. 
- Ceramic - almost merge with the color of your teeth. 

- Sapphire - the height of fashion. They are literally "jewel" on teeth. 

C / "Orapix" system - only suitable for a certain type of orthodontic case. First choice for easy and precise patients. Quick , easy and precise treatment. Achieving the best results in significantly reduced clinical vreme. With this type of braces is used the " jig " system - it finds the appropriate places to position braces. Jigs are made of high quality material , which ensures quality.

2.Removable structures: 
a/ Ivisalign - a series of splints that stick to your teeth. They are completely transparent and gradually move the teeth so that they are in the correct order. Not used for more complex cases. Can be worn only when it is convenient. Must be removed when eating. 

b / Functional appliances - preventive and curative used for children and adults. Palate and lingual plates.

c / Ortho - Tain - ready functional orthodontic appliance of silicone. It is divided into three types according to age.

A ) Nite-Guide 
- For children with calf's teeth (5-7 years). It consists of a double piece of silicon . There are openings to the 3-th teeth and back to horizontal plates. Available in 11 sizes . This unit is very effective. 

The apparatus required to carry at least 1-2 hours of the day , including during the night in order to achieve the desired effect . It is easy to maintain because you only need to rinse with lukewarm water.

B ) Ocllus-o-Guide 
- For children with mixed dentition (7-12 years). This unit consists of a piece of thin silicon material . Different about it is that it covers and the first premolar . Available in 13 sizes. 
This type of device requires carrying at least 3-4 hours a day, including at night. Supported rinsing with lukewarm water.

B ) Ortho-T 
- For patients with permanent teeth (12 +) . This unit is composed of a single piece of silicon. Every day should be worn for 2-3 hours. 
The advantages of this device are: 
- score to 12 months 
- may also be used with other appliances 
- does not break 
- can be used after major restorations

Period of retention 
After removing the braces a retainer is required to hold the achieved result for a long time . It will prevent the return of the teeth in their old position. The time to wear depends on the complexity of the case. 
Hygiene and prophylaxis in patients with braces : 

Children must be reviewed by an orthodontist it is best to happen after 7 years old.