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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery covers in full treatment of all surgical diseases of the oral cavity and their associated diseases of jaws and maxillofacial area. In the dental clinic Nurident we offer all major surgical procedures that can be performed in an outpatient setting:

1. Evulsions of teeth
2. Evulsions of impacted teeth and half-impacted teeth (sages)
3. Removal of cysts
4. Apical osteotomy
5. Placement of dental implants are described in detail in section implatnology
6. Sinus lifting: for more information, please the section implantology
7. Frenulum correction of the tongue and lips
8. Periodontal surgery
9. Alveolar ridge correction

Teeth extraction: painless removal of the tooth with minimal trauma to the surrounding tissue after application of anaesthesia.
Extraction of impacted teeth and half-impacted teeth (sages): impacted teeth are fully formed permanent teeth that do not sprout at the regular term also in their designated place in the dental arch , but are included in the jawbone .
When teeth are fully covered by bone they are called impacted and when part of the crown of the tooth has penetrated the bone are called half-impacted teeth.
Impacted teeth can be caused of follicular cysts and inflammatory processes , while pressure on neighbouring teeth can cause desorption of their roots , nerve pain and orthodontic anomalies in the position of teeth. Treatment this kind of teeth is expressed in their surgical removal. Following locations painkiller removing the flap , make trepanation ( removal ) of the bone covering the tooth luxation and tooth extraction , wound revision , adaptation and suturing the flap and postoperative care as well.

Removal of cysts: cysts in the maxillofacial region are odontogenic (dental origin) and non-dontogenni .
Cysts in the jaw are a common disease in dentistry. Since the early stages of their presence is painless for the patient. The cysts are often found at a later stage when their removal has become imperative. Climate tissues in these cases can lead to chronic defects of the jaw or pain in every movement of the jaw.
If it is impossible for the therapeutic treatment is necessary to perform the treatment by means of surgical methods. They may be different depending on whether the tooth is maintained or not:
1. Evulsions (extraction) of the tooth
2. No evulsions (extraction of the tooth – apical osteonomy, by a small window only the final part of the tooth (apex) is being removed as well as the granuloma or cyst.
Correction of the alveolar ridge: surgical removal of exostosis (removal of sharp bone edges) and form an optimal prosthetic field for the definitive prosthetic treatment of upper or lower jaw